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Equipment setup

Equipment setup  – prior to your start date

You will receive an email with a tracking number once the equipment has been shipped. Your signature is required to receive your equipment from FEDEX. When you receive your equipment, find a place where you want to have your workstation and set up your equipment using the set up for your equipment type. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN PRIOR TO YOUR START DATE.

Lenovo laptop (Windows User)

Your manager will send you your login credentials.  If you do not have them by noon EST on the Friday before your start date, email your manager or so we can assist in getting them to you. When you have them – DO NOT LOGIN until your start date. See below. 

Logging in for the first time on your start date

STOP! Do not attempt to log into your computer until after 7:30 AM EST on your start date. Your system access will not be enabled until that time. Multiple failed login attempts will result in locking you out of your computer and require password reset assistance from our help desk.

Use the login credentials sent to you by your manager and the instructions below to login to your computer AND set up OKTA to securely access your WEX applications.

If you need to set up your mobile devices 

Whether you have a WEX issued cell phone (based on role and approval) or bring your own device, this section provides information on getting your mobile device set up and accessing the mobile authenticator. 

Mobile Authenticator
Mobile device management for Apple*
Mobile device management for Android*
*Documents available on day one with your email address

After your start date you may contact IT Service Desk for Questions or Concerns regarding the setup of your Mobile Device:

In the US: Call 1-800-493-9227 for Out-of-Office and Mobile Dialing

Dialing outside of the US: Dial your country’s Direct Access Code then dial 1-888-840-8735.

Please note, in most cases you will receive your mobile device after your start date. For questions regarding your mobile device, please contact your manager.

WEX softphones
A softphone is a software program WEX uses for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer rather than dedicated hardware. Physical desk phones are no longer provided. If a softphone is required, please have your manager submit an IT request.

After your start date you may contact IT Service Desk for questions or concerns regarding the setup of your mobile device or softphone.

Click here if you have questions or need technical support